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> we're learning of a new push to prohibit the sale of soft drinks at dozens of venues in the bay area's biggest cities and it even includes a ban on whole milk. >> that's ludacrist. it just doesn't make sense. it's far overreaching. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. one council person tells us it's a bill worth considering and the other says it's a nanny bill. maureen naylor has the story.
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>> reporter: under the proposal outlining this new memo at any vending machine at city facilities they would have to get rid of the energy drinks they have above. they could keep the apple juice in the middle but eliminate the sodas below. a change for the bay area's largest city may put the lock on soda machines at libraries and community centers if this san jose city councilman has his way. >> there's not a mandate telling folks what they can and cannot drink. it's simply saying at city facilities we're not going to provide unhealthy drinks that we know are loaded with sugar. >> reporter: under councilman ash kalba's new proposal all drinks with sweeteners and less than 50% real fruit juice would be prohibited along with milk more than 2% fat. >> whole milk is pretty good for whole children. this little guy has a calorie
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problem, so he needs a little whole milk now and then. >> there's other things they need to be focusing on. >> reporter: colver says it's not an entire city problem. the sat center would be exempt. >> i think it goes goes way too far. >> reporter: councilman steve gasset says that it's not okay to choose a drink that has more calories than a snap -l. >> if they should even look into the idea further. reporting live tonight in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. in san francisco, a board of supervisors president david chu wants to ban the sale of
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small plastic bottled water. he's introducing a ban that would ban bottled water 16- ounces or less in an effort to reduce waste. now to our continuing coverage of the rim fire for yosemite, the fire has now crossed the western boundary of yosemite and is burning in a remote area of the national park. the back country is now off limits to hikers. at this hour the fire is about 20 miles from yosemite valley and a half hour from hechheche reservoir. >> reporter: the so called rim fire continued this destruction
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through the stanislaus forest and sweeping through the reservoir. >> it's scary. >> reporter: springer evacuated his home. deputies told him the fire was only a few miles away but he was still reluctant. >> i know a lot of people haven't left yet. >> reporter: so how fast did you pack up? >> all this was already packed. so it took me about 15 minutes to check everything and then we left. >> reporter: bulldozers began covering up clearance space after the fire burned up more than 11 acres in the park and headed toward hetcheche reservoir. this afternoon, crews began setting backfires. >> you want to protect the structures as much as possible. some of them are historic structures, we want to protect those structures. >> reporter: the backfires are being used all over the rim fire not just to protect hetcheche with an out of
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control fire it's their best way to attack it. >> the fuels are very heavy. there's a lot of ground fuels called ladder fuels they travel up the canopy then they travel from tree to tree. >> reporter: that's one reason it has been so hard to contain the rim fire which after one full week shows no signings of letting up near yosemite, robert handa, ktvu news. more details now, here are the latest numbers on the rim fire, the u.s. forest says it has burned 125,000 acres. that's the equivalent of about 165 square miles. and it's only 5% contained. it's estimated that 4,500 homes are threatened. today the u.s. forest service told residents in ponderosa hill to be ready to evacuate. >> we want to give you a look at how much that fire has grown. the rim fire had burned 4,400
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acres of land after the first days it started. then you see the area quadruple. fast forward to today, this third map shows how far east those flames have grown. here's the view from the air today as a large plume of smoke and ash spread toward the lake tahoe basin and beyond. we have team coverage tonight. mark tamayo is covering that smoke plume. but first one weekend event that's already been cancelled. >> reporter: a popular air show in it 24th year. certainly bay area pilots is flying to the east. can't miss the heavy smoke now choking tahoe and reno. >> one minute everything looked okay. they know all of a sudden i couldn't see the grand sierra. >> reporter: casinos a refuge
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from smoke hoovering reno. many people stayed home from school and workers did too. so thick washo county issued a red alert, air quality in the up healthy range. not just for those with respiratory problems but everyone. >> i put a wet wash clothe over my mouth, and that helps out my lungs a little. >> reporter: smoke is moving west and east missing the bay area. our skies are pristine right now and should stay that way. yellow shows moderate pollution, orange one step more severe. >> that would be the spare the air alert in the bay area. when you get into red which we never get into here that's unhealthy. that means everyone should avoid doing any kind of outdoor exercise. >> which is why dozens of weekend events from concerts to sports are now off. visibility from the south shore
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has shrunk to a mile. some tahoe travelers are canceling too. >> our visitors come for the beautiful water and our beautiful air, and we've had some cancellations. it's more than three times the size of san francisco. so in places like placerville, folks just have to tolerate their town smelling like campfires, others wearing masks as filters. >> it helps some, i wouldn't even go out without it. >> reporter: at dusk tonight, looking out toward tracy and stockton and you can see just how musky the terrain looks.
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reporting live from livermore,deborah villalon, ktvu news. a major rim fire continues to grow at an alarming rate and just how high those clouds are going might surprise you. here's a scale at 10,000 feet, 20,000 feet, 30,000 feet. you can see what happened to the smoke. putting that smoke plume over the clouds at 3,500 feet up above our head with the rim fire. showing up on satellite and radar. you can see outside of groveland and moving to the north and east. as far as distance with this smoke plume, you can see easily 100 miles with this satellite and approaching lake tahoe. it will continue to move in this direction, basically to saturday and sunday. coming up in a few minutes with all that smoke, we have a smoke advisory to talk about. we have the overnight fog forecast and the temperature change you can expect this weekend that's coming up in 10
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minutes. a number of fire departments have sent their firefighters to help with the fire. san francisco sent a 22 person strike team to the fire lines this morning. officials tell us while they are happy to help it often means crews that stay behind will work overtime to cover shifts here at home. >> also on the fire lines tonight. strike teams from the san mateo county fire as well as teams from alameda, marin and santa clara counties. at 10:45 tonight. continuing coverage. a state of emergency is declared as flames move closer to hechheche reservoir. what we're being told to keep water safe. a man died in a motorcycle accident near the exit to north livermore avenue. the motorcycle rider was lane splitting or riding between lanes when he clipped a car. that caused him to fall and
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slide underneath the wheels of a big rig in the next lane. the driver of the car kept going but the big rig stopped and the driver is cooperating. that section of the driveway was reopened tonight. the alameda county sheriff department is asking for help to find a palo alto man. officials say he is an intraverdict -- intravert who does not speak. he left his home without any personal belongings. he is 110 pounds, 6'tall. he was spotted but he took off when the person tried to make contact with him. an attempt to help recovering addicts stay clean. the reason people are saying this bay area community is a bad area to do it. plus a toddler missing for six weeks. >> we're still optimistic. what police revealed today about the investigation into her disappearance. >> and next. >> we're getting a close up
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look at the temporary fix of these shims being used to open the bridge on time. it's something you will see only on 2.
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the count down is on for the san francisco bay closure. here's a look at the new bridge right next to the old one still in use. and we're getting our first look tonight at temporary
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repairs that will allow the bridge to open. maureen walker got a look at the work being done. she joins us now live to tell us how soon drivers will experience delays, noelle. >> reporter: how about now julie, it's after 10:00 and we already have a back up. that's because they have some closures all gearing up for the bay bridge opening. earlier this evening i spent some time underneath the road deck of the new span. taking a look at some of the safety measures that drivers will rely on but never see. it's bridging that gap between oakland and san francisco. before the bay bridge was built the only straight shot was on water. >> tonight we left oakland in our wake and headed toward the new span of the bay bridge for a sightseeing cruise like no other. >> is anybody here afraid of
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heights? >> reporter: we headed 125 feet above the bay to take a look at what you may drive on but never see. >> if they got a job with caltrans and came up here that's really the only way or by watching you. that's really the only way they're going to see this. >> reporter: we are at ground zero. >> right above our head, that's the span. in the middle that's where the broken bolts were, or actually are. >> reporter: the temporary fix, steel shims used like a sugar packet under a wobbly table. >> we put them in to stabilize. >> reporter: they will stay here until the permanent fix is finished. >> the most important thing is moving traffic off of a bridge and getting them on to a bridge that is vastly superior in safety. >> reporter: even with those
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shims. >> even with these shims, absolutely. >> reporter: the new bridge is built to last 150 years and in a little more than a week drivers will take it for a test drive. we learned that the bay bridge bike lane which opening date was fluxed, will open on tuesday. noele walker, ktvu channel 2 news. at you will find a special section dedicated to the bay bridge including information on the closure and how to get around it. a trial is now possible in the explosion in san bruno. the attorney for 50 survivors has now withdrawn from settlement talks and says he's ready to proceed with the trial. other survivors have already settled. three years ago on september 9th, a natural gas pipeline
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exploded. many more suffered catastrophic burns and many homes were destroyed. it's one of many claims 56- year-old randy alana made when he spoke to ktvu last night inside the santa rita jail. alana said he dated koch for 10- 1/2 years and they reconnected last year. her body was found in vacaville. police arrested alana on a parol violation but he has not been charged in koch's homicide. prosecutors charged a south bay man with murder today in connection with an accident that killed a pedestrian. 55-year-old ricky larcey is accused of being drunk behind the wheel when he struck and killed willie amali. police sited lartigue's six
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prior convictions as a reason for the charge. a judge today ordered 36- year-old papal to be placed at napa state hospital. this after papal pled guilty to first degree murder for hitting and killing 54-year-old steven j. wilson with his suv back in 2006. psychiatrist testified papal suffered from significant mental health issues and was not sane at the time of the killing. a large several team will go outlooking for little danica web. >> reporter: it's been more than a month since daphney web has gone missing. >> six weeks a lot of people lose hope, we have not lost hope, we're still very optimistic. >> reporter: today we spoke to daphney's paternal grant father. >> more than 50 trained professionals will search by
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land and what police are calling an open space in oakland. with cadaver dogs in tow. police could not give us any more details. >> if we announce tonight location, that could possibly jeopardize. we do not want anything to be disturbed between today and tomorrow. >> we don't want them to find anything because that still keeps our hopes alive. >> reporter: when john webb returned to his suv his daughter was gone. a case police said they have never stopped investigating. now that they are offering more money, their hope is someone will come forward. >> we know that person is out there. we just need to hear from you. we need to hear from you now because we need to bring this case to a close. we need to get our baby back. >> reporter: police say there's two ongoing investigations in the search for daphney. one is of a missing person, the
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other a homicide. police will lets us know tomorrow morning exactly where the location will be. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are now reviewing surveillance footage of a bicycle accident that killed a 29-year-old woman. the footage was obtained with the san francisco bicycle coalition. they said it shows the accident that occurred. investigators say lamalack was on a bike when she was struck and killed by a truck making a right turn. the driver of the truck has not been charged. in our weather the low clouds and fog have been growing. lots of sunshine, some haze
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though and some fog as you can see out here in the distance this was taken during the 1:30 hour, between 1:30 and 2:30 this afternoon. clouds will push back into the bay overnight. clearing back into the shoreline eventually, starting out your saturday morning will be in the 50s. livermore 66 degrees. coming up we will look at your weekend forecast to see if we have in the warmth in the horizon. >> tonight at 10:30, a bay area neighborhood embroiled in a debate. the plan striking serious objection. the city's agreement to pay some of the expenses stemming from a sexual harassment suit. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
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the mayor of san diego is resigning but he's also denying the allegations that he sexually harassed at least 18 women. >> not one allegation, members of the council, has ever been independently verified or proven in court. >> nonetheless filner apologized to anyone who he has offended. the 70-year-old compared the pressure to step down to a mob lynch. filner's legal problems may continue because the state attorney general's office says it has now opened a criminal investigation. a military jury today found major hasan guilty. the army psychiatrist went on a shooting rampage in fort hood
10:25 pm
texas. mayor hasan later said he carried out his attack as part of jihad. he had no emotion today as his verdict was read. meantime army staff sergeant robert bayles was spared the death sentence today. the 40-year-old pled guilty to slaughters 15 afghan citizens. prosecutors say bales was frustrated after four deployments to iraq and afghanistan and just snapped. an 18 -month-old infant was one of 30 people killed in a prison riot. the fight happened between rival gangs at a prison in bolivia where young children are allowed to live with their parents. witnesses say inmates used propane gas tanks as flame throwers. at least 60 people were injured
10:26 pm
many of them suffered severe burnless. the fight started after one gang refused to pay another. they blamed government forces, president obama called it a big event of grave concerns and said he has shortened the time frame. the pentagon is moving naval forces closer to syria in case the president calls for a move. and nasdaq picked up 19 today. microsoft ceo steve balmer says he will retire during the next 12 months. he helped make gates make microsoft the giant that it once was. critics say microsoft has failed to embrace the mobile market. its shares rose 9% following
10:27 pm
today's news following news that balmer would leave. and facebook shares have jumped more than 50% in about a month since it reported growth in mobile ads revenue. the penalty a bay area grocery store chain has agreed to pay. >> plus. >> we would be opposed to any business that brings noise and traffic and congestion. >> mounting opposition to a facility that promises to help others. >> but first, a small plane crash near a northern california golf course. see who jumped into action to help the people inside. >> get ktvu news to go. click on the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. look at 'em.
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a small plane went down hitting some trees at a golf
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course and golfers pulled the men from the wreckage. they were injured but their injuries were not considered life threatening. it happened in sacramento, witnesses say they heard the planes engine sputtering then it landed upside down among trees on the 13th hole. two former addicts want to pay it forward by opening a group home for men and women in recovery but some neighbors are saying not so fast. ktvu's amber lee is live in san anselmo with their specific concerns. >> reporter: opponents say an 18 bed facility is not a good fit for a residential neighborhood. supporters say it provides a much needed service. two formers addicts, anthony and cristina hope to unlock these doors and make it the last step in the recovery step
10:31 pm
for others. >> people used to come here to die, now they're coming here to live. >> reporter: they plan to change the building into a substance abuse program. they say it's a crucial step to staying sober. >> 20 years ago i was homeless in san francisco, eating in dumpsters. 20 years ago, here i am today. >> this will be all men in this building. >> reporter: they would be able to initially open the facility with six beds without special permit. >> we just don't feel that our neighborhood -- >> reporter: but their plan to expand to an 18 bed facility is running to opposition. >> i don't see high density business use 18 bed in this neighborhood. i don't see the neighborhood coming around for that. >> reporter: homeowner ederby say they don't oppose the sober living housing, but not an 18 bed home. >> we would oppose any business
10:32 pm
that would bring congestion and noise. >> if i can change my life anyone can. and my vision has always been to illuminate the way out. >> reporter: the six bed facility is scheduled to open in about 60 days. wansolack plans to open the facility for men and women by next summer. but the expansion still needs approval by the city. reporting live here in san anselmo, amber lee. a long time south bay resident is one of two people arrested for plotting to kidnap, torture and kill police officers in las vegas. david allen bruchi and devin campbell union say they object authority. their plan was to start by
10:33 pm
killing one officer then more. safeway has agreed to pay $36,000 in penalties for a computer glitch that overcharged hundreds of customers. a sharp eyed customer caught the problem back in 2011. more than 700 customers were also overbilled. most of them were customers at the safeway gas station. all of that technology may be affecting their sleep. cara liu talked to an an expert about the science of too much screen time. >> reporter: for alexa, as the mother of a seventh grader, it meant new rules. >> she changed them so i can use the phone until like 7:00, and i get to chill. they know like try to fall asleep as early as i can.
10:34 pm
>> yeah, calm down to sleep. >> reporter: dr. nancy rin runs a sleep program. >> we find that that kids that are using technology more are getting less sleep. they're constantly plugged in. they want to always know what's going on and they have the need to let everyone else know what's going on. >> reporter: poor sleep leads to poor learning, especially math. >> school aged kids need at least 10 hours of sleep, and teens need at least eight. she recommends shutting down devices at least an hour before bedtime. cara liu. new at 10:00, the possible
10:35 pm
future stars of warriors tv commercials. >> fans put on their best move for a casting call for we are warrior nation. people could do whatever they wanted for 30 seconds. the ad will air during an upcoming basketball season. and hundreds of fans are in the capital tonight to commemorate the march at washington. crews were on scene. this weekend they plan to reenact the 1953 march for civil rights led by dr. martin king jr. that's when dr. king delivered his historic i have a dream speech. the u.s. postal service commemorated the anniversary of the march by releasing a new postage sample.
10:36 pm
actress gabrielle union attended the release. officials with the ride sharing company say it is money was raised as an investment by google ventures and tpg. they say it'll be used to expand to the new markets and begin new marketing efforts. uber has added new board members from both google and tpg. singer linda rondstand has been diagnosed with parkinson's department. she received the diagnosis eight months ago after going to her doctor to find out why she was having trouble singing. she is 67 years old and worried that she will never be able to sing again. this fire is burning within 5 miles of a major bay area water supply. we will break down what's being done to make sure the water is safe to drink. then unions say b.a.r.t.
10:37 pm
won't return to the bargaining table. >> the workers seem like they're not happy, i think there should be negotiations. >> we're hours away from the weekend. the changes you can expect for your saturday morning.
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10:39 pm
the clock is ticking in the b.a.r.t. labor dispute. 12 days have now come and go since the injunction and still
10:40 pm
no talks. both sides blame each other for the lack of progress. the union now wants camela harris to get involved. >> reporter: the 60 day cooling off period. >> the negotiations are worth it. >> reporter: ice cold. >> the workers seem like they're very unhappy. i think there should be a negotiation. >> reporter: trains are running, negotiations are not. >> we just want to get it done we care about the patrons and the public. >> reporter: so much so, ranters says that the union sent this letter to camela harris. in it the union says that b.a.r.t. refuses to continue negotiating. >> we're certainly not standing in the way of meeting. >> reporter: b.a.
10:41 pm
r.t. spokeswoman -- looks to seek a content to get back to the table. >> start negotiating and get this done, stop playing games. that's what the union wants to do. they want to come to the table and negotiate and get a contract resolved. >> reporter: the sciu says it has not heard back from the attorney's office. our letter to a mediator was also not returned. b.a.r.t. is getting millions of the dollars to improve security to transbay 2. b.a.r.t. officials say the money will be combined with state and local funds to upgrade the security system. it will also be used to fund
10:42 pm
the critical patrol team. and house minority leader nancy pilosi applauded both awards. saying security is the most important in what they call at risk region. a the fallen police officer was honored today with a new project. construction began for officer bradley moodey. the under passing will be between regada and meker avenue. >> he was a brother, a father, a son. and he was well loved. >> reporter: the 29-year-old officer moodey was also an
10:43 pm
organ donor. officer moodey's organs saved five lives. the weekend outlook and beyond. in just five minutes meteorologist mark tamayo is back with his complete bay area forecast. up first the wildfire near yosemite prompts a state of emergency in san francisco. the danger to city water supplies and electricity. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ 90-calorie fiber one lemon bar.
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continuing coverage now on the rim wildfire. tonight governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency for the city of san francisco. the city damage to electrical equipment near the reservoir. ktvu's david stevenson shows us now what the city is doing to ensure the water in that reservoir. >> reporter: the rim fire has
10:46 pm
prompted the city to declare a local state of emergency. >> it has affected our water and power system. >> reporter: hechhechie serves 2.3 million. engineers are using thousands of sensors to measure the water's cloudiness. current levels remain at 0.2. safe to drink. at 5.0 the water cannot be used. >> if the water were to decline we would make the decision to change to the local supply. >> reporter: there are also dangers to the supply coming from those tasks who are fighting the fire. >> they are not dumping retardant in the watershed. we've asked them not to do that. they're also not dipping any of their buckets into the reservoir at this point in time. >> reporter: the fire has forced the shut down of two or three hydrating plant that generate power for san
10:47 pm
francisco buildings, lights and buses and trains. the city is paying $25,000 a day to make up in part for that power. utilities officials are waiting for whenever the fire dies down, to get a good look at fire lines and facilities. things may be starting to look up a bit for beleaguered celebrity chef paula deen. a judge dismissed a lawsuit against her. the suit claimed discrimination, sexual harassment. deen issued a statement saying, i look forward to getting this behind me now that the suit has been cleared. you will probably see it first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and around the bay. temperatures today they did cool off. 60s near the immediate coastline. warmest locations inland not so
10:48 pm
hot but still warm. mid- to upper 80s. in san jose 73 degrees. the fog bank is huging the coastline from pillar point to the south. but even a few patches around the bay. temperature are dropping from the 60s to lower 50s. san jose 62 and fairfield breezy there with winds topping 20 miles per hour, 64 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight in the short term, fog will continue to be on the increase. this weekend morning fog and partly cloudy skies and i might be outing the chance of a few showers. the extended cool coast and mild numbers inland. here's the weather system i am tracking. this is moving south. clouds are becoming partly cloudy. left over patchy fog for the beaches and right around san francisco. winds do pick up once again, 10 to 25 miles per hour. warmest locations we're thinking lower 80s.
10:49 pm
we do have sunday clouds, especially sunday morning. as this system moves in we have a chance of a sprinkle or light shower favoring the north bay. this once again is for sunday morning. at least for tomorrow we're starting out with fog out there and then the fog regrouping once again by this time tomorrow night. and then looks what happens sunday morning. not a lot. you have to look closely. especially near mendecino county. especially down toward santa rosa. it's only a chance that we're watch i ng that for sunday morning. we're going to shave off a few degrees for most of the bay area. santa rosa a forecast high of 80 degrees. most of the coastline want to bundled up here the readings only in the 60s. fairfield 84 degrees, right around the rim of the bay upper 60s to 70 degrees. and head inland we're talking about more 80s. san jose 75, a san francisco
10:50 pm
forecast of 80s. here is a look ahead, with the weekend always in view. we added the baby rain cloud to reflect a slight chance of a shower. most of your weekend is fine. just a few extra clouds out there. no major heat out there. warmest location in the next few days into the mid- to upper 80s. >> obviously continuing to track the conditions out there. >> we'll be watching the conditions out there too. >> you mentioned the baby rain cloud. we have a baby gorilla to talk about today. >> the latest edition to the zoo is waiting to be named and you could be the one to do it. from now until september 17th, you can submit your choice via e-mail to name the baby at sf the baby gorilla is currently getting settled into her troop. officials hope to debut her in the gorilla exhibit sometime in november. the team from new zealand now just two wins away from
10:51 pm
clenching the louis vuitton cup. new zealand now leads the series 0-1. the winner goes on to defend against oracle. those races are set to begin on september seventh. mark is here now with what could be a potential quarterback controversy with the raiders. >> we always need one. this always seems to be a trying season for the raiders, as far as a lot of trying and not much doing. at the time she's ready to be a raiderrete they might have a big time player position at quarterback. and flynn tonight through three completions and two interceptions not a big ratio. ray cutler flips to forte.
10:52 pm
making big plays for the bears, his forte. enter this is the guy. terrell pryor down 27-3, flushed out. he can make things happen. got to moves, got the wheels, got the strength. and power 25 yards with a touchdown. i think this guy by weak four he'll be your raiders starter. later, got it to nick casa. another touchdown for the raiders they make it close 34- 26 at they go down to a 1-2 record on the night. pryor seven of nine passing, 92 yards. one touchdown passed. one touch down scored on his wheels. meantime it's gone from mild concern to what is going on here. the a's slide another game in the west losing another gut wrencher out on the road. while texas does not do anything but win. a's were up early. baltimore a sixth run fourth. the big blow, bryan roberts
10:53 pm
grand slammer off dan straley. to their credit the a's come back strong in the fifth. bases loaded, 2-out clutch. they call him nerd power. edgard sofart. and chris davis to the right side. the tieing run is in, go ahead run scored on a grounder, shortly after 9-7 final. a's now 3-1/2 back. it's getting to the point that if the giants make it close they're going to have some sort of victory these days. they get shattered again by the pirates at at&t. sports part two on the way.
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10:56 pm
all right i would never say it outloud but you have to figure every guy on the roster counting a day, the hours until this debacle of a season ends. if they're not, they're really playing like it. and earlier the pirates were not playing as such. three guys there, buster the score 1-0 until the seventh. madison baumgartner was pitching beautifully. shut out. but the former colorado rocky
10:57 pm
over and out. 3-run shot just like that the lead to defeat 3-1. eight hits for the giants only three extra base hits. meantime a hung twisting signing by the warriors. possibly joining his brother steph curry. seth curry not going to help the time of steph and seth. the warriors have given him a nonguaranteed deal. maybe he has to make the team. he's a 6'10" shooter. could be a brother act. that's the sporting life for this friday night. >> wouldn't be mama curry. >> try to say that ten times.
10:58 pm
>> thank you for joining us. >> ktvu news will start at 7:00 tomorrow. and they'll have more on the search for daphney webb. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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Duration 01:01:00
Rating TV-MA
Scanned in San Francisco, CA, USA
Source Comcast Cable
Tuner Channel 13
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 720
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 8/24/2013